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Dt. Krishna Dave Vaidya

Dt. Krishna Dave Vaidya has been extensively conducting research in the field of PCOS, Thyroid, Hormonal Imbalance, Lifestyle management, Obesity management, Pre and Post pregnancy health management, Child obesity, and Disease-specific Health management through Diet and Nutrition.

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About Us

Dr. Krishna Dave Vaidya

Awarded as the Best Diet & Wellness Consultant in Vadodara & Gujarat

Dietitian Krishna Has been awarded as The Best Dietitian Of Gujarat. Not Only Diet, But We Work On Sleep, Stress Management And Also Provide Easy Home Based Exercises Dr. Krishna Dave Vaidya is a very famous and experienced Dietitian who lives in Vadodara. She has completed her Ph.D in Dietetics, M.Sc. in dietetics and Nutrition, so she is well versed with all the medicines and disease conditions also.

She is a master of dietetics along with yogic sciences, she truly believes in holistic approach to the treatment. Along with the diet charts and natural food she treats with yoga, meditation, stress and sleep management and overall life-style modification. We do not give any kind of medicines, shakes juices or pills for weight loss or curing any medical condition. Dietitian Krishna do not believe in crash diet or starving for weight loss. Her goal is to extend informative knowledge to her patients in order to keep them well informed so that they get the right diagnosis and treatment at the right time.

Dr. Krishna is devoted towards improving the lifestyle and food habits of patients to avoid diseases in near future and improve their nutrition. She also aims at making the environment of her clinic relaxing for her patients. If you are unable to visit her clinic, you can consult her online through text, call or video call. At iCure Diet Clinic, you will start a new journey towards the healthy and peaceful life.

Dr. Krish Vaidya

All Diet Programs & Treatments Are Being Supervised by Our Mentor & Super Specialist Dr. Krish Vaidya

Dr. Krish Vaidya is a practising M.D. Physician Fellow Cardiology ( Tex. American Univ.), Fellow Diabetology ( Liverpool Univ. U.K.) experience of 7 years. He is located in Vadodara. He pursued his MD in the year 2011 from Smolensk State Medical Academy. He completed his Fellowship in cardiology in the year 2016 from UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE NICARAGUA. He has also done his Fellowship in Diabetology in the year 2014 from University of Liverpool, UK. Dr. Krish Vaidya is an experienced, skilled and awarded doctor in his field of specialization.

Our Vision & Mission at iCure Diet Clinic

Our vision is to prevent diseases caused by multiple deficiencies and make India healthier. Nutritional deficiencies can occur as early as conception and during pregnancy. This would in turn lead to unhealthy children with low immunity. “The children of today are the future of tomorrow.” Most of the nutritional deficiencies are found in young children as they are fussy eaters and they don’t consume nutritional foods as they find them unappetising. Even our Prime Minister has also endorsed “Hit India, Fit India.” iCure Diet Clinic aims to provide a healthy lifestyle by taking into consideration eating habits and food that is ideal choice for you. Our mission is to help make nutritious eating choices simple by providing clear, approachable nutrition education and deeply nourishing foods that use sustainable, wholesome foods.

Founder's Message

Counselling people is something I really enjoy. And it is very much necessary because setting the right approach towards your body and health at the beginning is the basic need. It is not only related to bookish knowledge but also involves one's psychology. Nutrition is an important part of anybody's life. It is linked with one's health and also disorders. Sad part is that very few of us know about nutrition, and those who know have half baked knowledge. I try my very best to shed light on truth and bust the myths about health and nutrition.

- Dr. Krishna Dave Vaidya

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Global experience in their career has helped them counsel individuals across the world for their special dietary needs taking into consideration local seasonal food availability, weather challenges, and food allergies!

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